Action Call

As those of you that have been unlucky enough to hear from me recently can attest my mood is a little dark.  The reality of long planned schemes and their impending completion makes for sobering reflection – or cause for over consumption.  To those who know what I mean mea cupla.

Today I read a poignant and moving letter.  On Wednesday 15th June Thomas Ball walked up to a local County Court House in New Hampshire.  He doused himself with petrol and then set himself alight and burned to death.

You can read what the local presstitutes printed at the time here complete with the usual paid for ‘expert’ opinion.  The following day a 15 page letter arrived at the same local rag and they printed it.  This was the last statement from Mr Ball and I recommend reading it.

His was not an act based on despair.  It was an act of defiance.  His words are a call to action.  He makes a calm and rational statement rejecting the existing order and chose to act upon it in a calm and deliberate manner.

That for me is a watershed.  When the intelligent middle class in a society have reached this stage then life changing events are sure to follow.  I hope that any transition will be peaceful.  I also highly doubt it considering the inhuman ghouls that must be removed.

The people in the formerly prosperous ‘West’ are now in a similar plight.  They have been trapped in the lure of easy credit – that really should mean easy debt.  We have spend a generation using that debt to buy crap from Asia.  Crap made from the blood, sweat and tears of the people of Asia.  Well folks the bill is past due.

The owners of that debt have let their greed run rampant.  They even bankrupted themselves and the treasonous cowards (or politicians if you prefer) in our demonocracies sold us into destitution and poverty to keep them in the luxury they expect.

We might see the early signs of what is to come.  When the reality of no money and no future really bites it will be too late.  Unlike the people in Iceland we had no chance to avoid this.  Most were too busy watching talentless ‘reality’ shows and celebrity titillation on the idiot box.

We must follow the example of Greece, Spain and hopefully soon Ireland or the game is over.  We had our chance to do this quietly and that time has now passed.  Moaning about it online is not going to make a single difference.

Those of us that spoke up are already known.  The time for education has passed.  Our time has come and we must spread that knowledge in the days ahead.  A great slaughter is coming.  As the moment of greatest peril for the banksters approaches they will pull a great bait and switch on us.

The War Mongers are now working up a lather trying to finally bomb Syria.  This was the aim of the Arab Spring.  All those countries that Dubya and the neocons didn’t get to bomb are back on the banquet of blood again.

This time the other global actors (and I do mean actors) will not sit idly by.  We must not let the vampires march off our young to the next global slaughter.  The path to peace will not be peaceful but it is a road that we must travel.

Thomas Ball RIP

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2 Responses to Action Call

  1. Dublinmick says:

    Chucky I can actually comment on this one. Don’t have a blog but the sign in works.

  2. Happy days DM. Some good news for you at last

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