Always Watch The Watchers

Here’s a treat for the regulars – two posts in two days day. Just after re-posting Noor’s article earlier I came across a video on Northern Truth Seeker’s site.

I have watched Sheikh Imran Hosein speaking before and have been impressed with his clear sight and intelligence. The video was made back in 2003 and is very prescient in light of current events and Noor’s article.

While it is not conclusive it reinforces a suspicion that I have had for some time – since before the slaughter of Israhell’s Cast Lead in Gaza. I have always considered them just another member of the MSM.

Maybe I’m reaching at straws but I also remember reading this article at Twelfth Bough especially McJ’s contributions in the main article and his comment from Feb 6th: 11:32 AM

Maybe my monkey mind is grasping at straws but I had both of those articles in mind when I watched the video. It makes for very uncomfortable thinking at a time of increased US deployments in the area.

The US has considerable naval forces now at hand as well as National Guard and now Marine forces deploying. In total the US has 6 carriers at sea globally as well as 3 Amphibious Warfare Ships (source).

In all this I am conscious of the real human souls that are risking all in a poignant, perilous yet joyous search for freedom. Lwtc247 has posted this and this. It reminds us all of the flesh and blood humanity struggling for that elusive dream – freedom. I will keep them in my thoughts.


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