Enjoy yourself – its later than you think

I came across this video today at George Ure’s peoplenomics site (subscription required).

It’s an interesting idea and the source of articles that the video refers to is this website. I have had a good look at many of the posts there and while I don’t agree with some of his opinions he doesn’t seem any nuttier than I am.

He does make a good point in that the North Koreans would not have had the nerve to retaliate against the provocations of their southern neighbours if China had not permitted it. The US navy could well be sending a carrier into a very deadly trap.

While we must not be diverted from the threat of bankster fascism, it will certainly be ‘interesting’ to watch this develop. Many of us expected fireworks earlier in the month. The funny thing about tipping points is that they generally start out slowly and then accelerate.

The Asian coastline around the East China Sea and the adjacent coast of Japan are well within reach of the many anti-ship missiles. Entering the Yellow Sea would be an act of suicide.

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