Death by Plastic

I know that I have kept banging on the same old drum in my posts a lot recently. If you are not aware that this sham society we inhabit is run for, and by, the banks then you’re doomed. Go back to sleep – sorry if I woke you.

Excuse me while I plaster on a fake smile and wade through this shite one more time. The vampires are once again circling around the Euro zone and focusing this time on my homeland – Ireland. The Banksters via their puppet politicos really have the Irish people by the short and curlies.

It started with the now common scene of banks making outrageous profits from loaning money that didn’t exist for ‘developments’ that weren’t needed. Once the Rothschilds yanked the credit (debt) lines the Irish banks were screwed.

Enter stage left the usual fools (politicians) who kindly steeped in and offered to saddle the Irish people with multi-generational debt peonage to help their golf buddies out. Two years later and the Irish people have been on a debt diet (public spending slashed and tax increased) that would make an anorexic wince.

Now the ‘wise’ taking heads of finance say that the Irish can’t borrow enough to cover their expenses. There’s that word again – borrow. Their good little lackeys in Dublin complain that they have enough stashed away to last until June next year – what’s the worry?

Here’s the punch line from David McWilliams, a former Irish Central Bank economist. In this article he says “Ireland should agree to let the European Central Bank – which has full-time observers inside the Department of Finance in Dublin – take ‘direct responsibility for the Irish banks, over and above the Irish government.’”

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s Max Keiser.

What a surprise. Only one nation has had the good sense to tell the banksters to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine – Iceland. The high priests of usury are the root cause of this misery and expect us to meekly surrender to them to fix it. If anyone believes that I have a bridge to sell them.

Meanwhile here in the land of endless CCTV surveillance cameras (that never work when you need them) another useless diversion is underway. It’s seems like the deviant bloodlines are having a little nuptial celebration. Expect non-stop saturation coverage of this bunch of inbreeds (cheers Suraci) for months while the power grabs take place behind the scenes.

What can we mere humans do about it all? Well here’s an idea from an unlikely source. Eric Cantona is a former soccer player, actor and it seems a thinker too.

We take it out on the banks. Demonstrations by hundreds of thousands did not stop the war crime of the illegal Iraq invasion. They won’t stop the banksters either. We simply stop playing their game. We organise a coordinated withdrawal of funds from all the banks on the same day – a deliberate run on the banks. Why not?

Stop using the tools of the beast in your daily lives. It’s time to get creative. Buy quality second hand goods. I would rather have sturdy functionality than bling. Most importantly stop borrowing money. All we have to lose are our chains of bondage. We can storm the Bastille armed with nothing more than our bank cards.

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