A Rant in F Minor

The days pass as I seek out new offense –watching and watchful.

I see a daily conveyor belt theft of hearth and home.  I see banking elites who dine on rare meats while the programmed minions are cast on the street – still pondering as to what they did wrong.

I see the beautiful souls who merely want the freedom to raise a child in the land of their ancestors – while cowards wield out-sized hammers to break them down in their homes and stamp out any witness.

What manner of world is it that we live in?   When the rich make out like bandits while the beauty leeches from the heart of honest souls – watching any and all dreams turn to dust.

They fill our food and water with poison to make us stupid and to kill us slowly.  At the same time they sell us their drugs to make it ‘better’.  They make ‘vaccines’ to prevent phantom diseases while inflicting devastating illnesses – all to weaken the herd and guarantee a return revenue from their victims.

I see ‘schools’ built like shepherd’s pens – to corral the minds of the young.  They feed the young minds with monotonous filth that slips into spotless minds the lies and filth. Such lies will serve them well as the serfs continue to serve well.  Just clever enough to work the machines and dumb enough to enjoy it.

They lock in the credit reports and the fitness evaluations like prison guards.  You will not escape us – you will bear the yoke we have given you. They remove this ‘privilege’ at a whim.  You will lick their feet and rejoice in your shame.

The political process is a joke.   No matter whom you vote for the government always gets in.  The same shill bankers carry on and vet the little proles in advance.  Fealty or blackmail will see to that.  If they ever make a mistake the assassin’s mark will soon be felt.

Bear your ill spoiled brats – and leave then in front of our portal to view.  All perversion is allowed – and expected.  We will show it to you on TV.  Give us your men folk so that we may subjugate the unwary.  Watch our filth while we feast.  What heroes we shall make of them.  Useful Fools to a man.

Reject, refuse and rejoice in the chaos that must surely come.  They can hide in their temples but not for long.  Don’t just run around like a bunch of headless chickens.  Find a cog in the machine and jam it.  Pick a CCTV and paint spray it – kiddie water guns work wonders.

Inventive minds can find dozens of examples to make a mark.  I will not bow to such slavery.  Kiss my arse.  I am a fee born human and I say NO – NOT IN MY NAME.  If you cannot say NO you are a slave – accept it or reject it.  The time to choose is shorter than you think.

Remember the name Rothschild and leave not a solitary brick of this house standing.  Our lives and the lives of our children depend on it.

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