Are You Feeling It Yet?

For many in the Blogging community this will be old news but I still feel the need to say it. The Banksters are a pack of lying, thieving vampires. No ifs or buts about it. They are the cancer in the heart of human society.

Since the artificial bubble popped and the ass fell out of the property market in 2008 hundreds of thousands of families have been evicted from their homes. Each time a family has been thrown out on the street a legal charade was performed. Each ‘legal’ action requires documentation and a proof of legal claim.

Well we now know differently. The banks’ actions have been a vile vaudeville act to distract us and lend the colour of law to blatant theft. A ‘booming’ business developed to process the huge numbers of lives to be ruined. This article will acquaint most with the list of culprits.

So called robo-signers processed up to 1000 claims per day. When the poor dears’ hands got tired their assistants would sign for them. To salve their fragile conscience they would receive bonuses of money, jewellery or even SUV’s. They did their jobs with such care to detail that they foreclosed on homes that were owned outright.

The disclosure of all this seems to have briefly brought the wrecking ball to a halt. Currently there are seemingly 7 million mortgages in the US that are in trouble. Can desperate homeowners breathe a sigh of relief?

Hot on the heels of all this Wall Street’s stalwart giants of the free market – free for them that is – have announced bumper profits. The banksters’ pay and bonuses are set to break all records for the second year running. The beasts of gluttony and greed must be be fed so I read today that Bank of Amerika has decided to press on anyway.

It seems Yo’mama grew a pair recently as he used his first ever veto to block an ‘overlooked’ little Bill from the CONgress. Maybe he dislikes the idea of being remembered as the last President of a dead republic. You silly people don’t need to examine the paperwork. You must trust the banks – or else.

At what stage will people realise that a handful of psychopaths are robbing their country – and them – blind. 7 million households face a one way ticket to the gutter. It will be too late when they are living in the new Hoovervilles. Writing to your representatives will not help – they’ve already been bought and paid for.

Over here in CCTV land things are starting to kick off. The appointed shill of the Banksters made an announcement today of sweeping budget cuts. Early estimates are for the loss of 490 thousand jobs. Coupled with this will be massive changes to the organisation of local and national government.

They have managed to find extra money for international aid and for ‘green’ energy – what a surprise. Right now the herd is in shock as the details sink in. When that happens there’s going to be a great big wave of anger coming their way. Buckle up, it’s going to get real interesting.

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