Mail Droppings

It’s funny how it goes. Open your gob and the lidless all-seeing eye turns your way. So be it. Read this and see if I care.

I generally say more on the sites of others than I do here. There are so many fine writers out there who share their deepest thoughts, hopes and fears. We, like voyeurs, read along. Sometimes we comment and sometimes we don’t. What a world.

I try to post when I can on the sites I like and respect. It’s a conversation after all. That‘s what we do… talk. We are a social beast and we will gather in packs of our own choosing.

I’ve been at a bit of a loss this week. I normally post my scribbles and check the box for updates. Well, that hasn’t been working. Other mail has simply vanished in transit. If I have missed a thread somewhere I apologise. In the scheme of things it’s not important and I’ll learn to work around it.

On a similar vein an unforeseen mailing dropped through the letterbox – a glossy booklet with an attached A4 pamphlet. It’s called “Barack Obama & the New World Order – a GLOBAL REVOLUTION”.

Bless my poor wife. She picked it up first and she got excited. Maybe the message is starting to reach out. The booklet mentions ‘Ordo ab Chao’, Secret societies, control of the media. ‘Change’, loss of sovereignty, the UN and the New World Order. It mentioned all sorts of things that we discuss online. In all that, one name was missing – can you guess which one?

I’m sure you’ll know the answer when I say who is named as to be the instigator behind all of this… (Drum roll please) – The Vatican!! WTF!! The tribe don’t get so much as a sniff, never mind a mention. This gem of ‘wisdom’ was published by the Christian Information Service in Norway of all places.

I went to their web site (beware – sanity warning…not for the gullible) and there are pages of this mumbo jumbo. Not one word of criticism of satan’s synagogue. They even included the quote from John 8:14 ‘ye are your father – The Devil’ without using the word Jew. What a pile of disinfo crap.

It seems like the blame game is getting an early start. I have seen a few places mention the ‘Operation Blackjack’ false flag operation that I wrote about back in August. This is one of them and at another we find the possibility of this hidden message – ‘this is not simply entertainment’. I have checked and that’s what it says.

Just because many ‘normal’ people don’t believe in the hidden meanings so dear to the Occult Masonic types it does not remove the fact they do! While the tensions in the matrix hologram seem to be ratcheting up, strangely I’m feeling calmer. When it comes time to lance the boil of poison I will not have the Jesuits in the pole position of blame.

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