How Time Flies

A year passes so quickly yet here we are. I took to heart Les Visible’s admonishment that anonymous posting is OK but carries no weight. If you have something to say spit it out. Put a name to your voice and let it call out. Well, I did.

Its one year to the day since I first posted on Plato’s cave. I have learned how to work Blogger’s interface and more recently how to do the same on WordPress – just in case. It is real easy folks.

If there is one blogger that really helped in setting it all up it was Dublin Mick. He’s going through a quiet period at the minute. After the last 4 weeks I know how that can work so cheers DM and many thanks.

As many are aware I no longer live in the land of my birth. I was lucky to have my family over to visit just recently. In all the fuss I managed to snatch an hour’s chat with my father and a revealing time it was.

My wife tells me I’m an arrogant SOB for calling the sheeple for what they are. Well……she may have a point. It seems my dad has a sign in the front window of the house I grew up in and it simply says – ‘Boycott Israhell’ (my spelling).

He’s not online and he still watches TV. He’s a John Wayne fan and he can tell you exactly where every scene of ‘The Quiet Man’ was made. He is not politically active – that was the path that I chose. Despite all that he gets it and sees through the BS and lies. I am very proud of that man.

I’m starting to realise that there are many more ‘awake’ people out there than I had previously thought. On many of the blog forums the number of passive readers outnumbers the active bloggers that leave comments.

It is my belief that all we lack is cohesion. We have been deliberately divided so that in the dark days ahead no effective opposition can rise to the pre-planned solution the PTB will offer as the cure for the ills they have caused. Only time will tell.

I will take comfort from the knowledge that those of us ranting online are not simply tilting at windmills or sounding off to an empty stage. I would encourage others to give this blogging phenomenon a go. It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself. Let’s see what the next year brings.

Finally here’s a wee treat from George Carlin and Bill Hicks.


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