The Arrivals

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.

As anyone who has gotten lost and read my stuff before, you’ll know I’m a Tolkien fan.  The symbology, imagery and literary quality in the books of the ‘Lord of The Ring’ trilogy  (and the later movies) struck a nerve in my young mind.  The book deals with the eternal battle between good and evil.  It is an uplifting tale that describes the courage and sacrifice required to defeat the seemingly overwhelming power of evil.  I have read that book many times.

I recently read a post from Noor over at her site where she provides a strong argument that Disney and his studio have been quietly subverting young minds with occult and sexual conditioning for generations.

In the article Noor has posted a number of videos that highlight and support her argument.  It was the last one that really drew my attention – not because of the clips showing Christina Aguilera.  It was a single segment from a much richer series.  I was intrigued and on investigation I found that many of the clips are posted on the usual sites with additional editing not performed by the authors of the series.

I was fortunate to find the original website of the series’ producers.  What followed was over 8 hours worth of viewing that was frankly – astounding.  I will not summarise or spoil their efforts here.  I will recommend that you watch for yourselves.

The Arrivals

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