Wakey Wakey – Part 1

And now for 60 Minutes………
Tick, tick, tick, tick………..

Once upon I time I believed in the honesty and integrity of “serious” journalists. No more. What I write here you will not hear from the corporate whores on television. I mean no offense there to prostitutes. As Timster recently said “a real whore will tell you what she will NOT do for money”

What is money? Ever asked that question? If you think it’s the cash in your pocket you’re an idiot. Money is debt. I make no apologies for that statement. Watch the video and then come back when your eyes have been opened. Also check out Kev Boyle’s great article also for a shorter video. You’ll get a flavour of where I’m going with this.

Consider this Level 1.

If you have been paying attention recently there has been a lot of talk in the propaganda press about the problems in the economies of the industrialised world. Bullshit! The problem lies in the fact that enormous quantities of debt have been fraudulently created out of thin air by the banks. The banks don’t have the real assets to cover those “bad” debts. They cannot as the money/debt was created out of thin air in the first place.

Next the public puppets of the banks – AKA politicians – stepped in and promised to cover those debts with our money. What money you ask? The governments borrow from the central (but still privately owned) banks more money to cover the debts of the “bad” banks. We the sleeping sheep get to cover those debts plus interest. Can I get a baaaaa anyone??

In America they have simply let the printing presses run riot. That’s a metaphor as no cash needs printing. It’s all 1’s and 0’s in a database somewhere. Here in Britain we have been spoon fed a steady diet of stories of impending austerity measures. I’ll let James Corbett educate you on the true meaning of that term. Witness the endless lies and broken campaign promises. I covered some of my thought on those liars before.

Now we must reduce the “National Debt” – how? Every pound and penny spent is borrowed. To reduce the debt is to reduce the volume of money. There is a term for that under the normal theft cycle called a recession. During these periods savings and pensions are wiped out. The real wealth doesn’t get destroyed – it still there but with new owners. Guess who?

These liars are concealing the greatest transfer of real wealth in history. The sheer quantity of the debt to be reduced can only be classified by one term. What they are now planning is called a Depression! Remember that from the history books. That worked out well for us sheep the last time didn’t it?

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