Greater Love Than This Hath No Man

At the tender age of 12 I witnessed a watershed moment in the history of Ireland’s long struggle against the British Crown. In 1981 Irish Republican prisoners reached a point of no return in the battle to break the British policy of criminalisation. The battle would culminate in the pyrrhic victory of sorts in the Irish Hunger Strikes.

From 1976 the British mounted a media offensive to give the impression that the Irish struggle for independence was a criminal gang conspiracy with no popular support other than that given through intimidation and fear – they were made out to be nothing more than gangsters.

The struggle commenced when the British Government withdrew the ‘Special Category Status’ of political prisoners. This status was granted after a previous hunger strike in 1972 at the height of the early troubles. Republicans incarcerated after this time would also be housed in a specially built maximum security prison – the H Blocks.

The first prisoner processed under the new regime was Kieran Nugent. He refused to wear the offered prison uniform and said the prison guards would have to “nail it to my back”. He was forced to be naked with only a thin prison blanket to protect his modesty. Hence came the name of the “blanket protest”.

Later the war of attrition continued and escalated to a point where the prisoners had to smear their faeces on the cell walls and throw urine under the cell doors. As conditions worsened only one tactic remained – Hunger Strike.

An abortive mass hunger strike took place in 1980 when British brinkmanship took the struggle to the point of near death. It was unsuccessful after a last minute “good faith” proposal from the Brits proved ultimately worthless – Perfidious Albion as usual.

A difficult decision was made that the weakness of this tactic would be removed. Hunger Strikers would join at different times and that in the event of deaths they would be replaced with fresh volunteers.

This would be no suicide mission but a tactic to increase pressure through public protest. Existing medical conditions would be monitored and illness would force the stand down of some hunger strikers.

The strike began on 1st of March when Bobby Sands first refused food. He would be joined by Francis Hughes, Raymond McCreesh and Patsy O’Hara. Bobby would be elected to the British Parliament in a by-election during his fast to increase the pressure on the British.

All through March and April tensions rose rapidly. Everyone expected the Brits to play brinkmanship games again. No one believed that they would allow a Member of their Parliament to die in this manner. In the early hours of the morning of the 5th May Bobby died after 66 days on hunger strike. To say the district I lived in exploded in anger would be an understatement.

In spring and summer of that year while the world watched the petty pomp of Charles and Di’s wedding a nightmare death watch ensured for the Irish. The strike was ultimately called off in early October after the prisoners’ families’ repeatedly intervened to ask for medical treatment when they slipped into comas.

By its end 10 hunger strikers had died. 2 were ordered off the protest on medical ground, 5 had been taken off by their families and 6 were still on strike at its end. The entire nation was traumatised by the emotional rollercoaster and the ensuing violence.

Publically the British lauded the ‘defeat’ of the Republican Movement. In private it was an acknowledged disaster for them. Their reputation in the international community lay in tatters. In Ireland there weren’t enough guns to supply the new generation of volunteers.

The flagging armed resistance was rejuvenated. The electoral success of Bobby and his election agent Owen Carron propelled the political party Sinn Fein to the front of the struggle. There was no going back. All this was unforeseen in those days.

30 years ago ordinary men from ordinary backgrounds were forced into a terrible struggle with a merciless state. Despite the public stance of the British the prisoners achieved their 5 simple demands.

1. The right not to wear a prison uniform;
2. The right not to do prison work;
3. The right of free association with other prisoners, and to organise educational and recreational pursuits;
4. The right to one visit, one letter and one parcel per week;
5. Full restoration of remission lost through the protest.

Why do I bring up these still painful memories at this time? At this very moment another strike is under way. On 1st July prisoners inside Pelican Bay State Prison in California began a rolling hunger strike.

They too have 5 demands and have been reduced to using the most fundamental weapon of the oppressed – their own lives. We can read about this struggle from the Hunger Strike Solidarity and Prison Watch blogs.

The tactic of hunger strike is an old and respected one in many cultures. It is the tactic of last resort and these men have been left with no other option. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is quoted as saying that “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”

We shall see how civilised the new Empire truly is. In a society that frequently employs prisoners as slave labour the dimensions of this struggle are deeper than simply ‘law and order’ issues. Human rights for the inmates in the new gulags may be more important than first thought. How many more will join them soon.

My connection to this story is an emotional one. If you can dismiss these men as ‘criminals’ I have a short story from the Irish lesson and remember well that when Christ was crucified it was in the company of two thieves.

The prison chaplain at the time of the hunger strike came to visit Bobby Sands in his cell not long after he had begun his fast. The priest sought to question Bobby on the morals of his hunger strike, Bobby’s only response was to quote the bible:

“Greater Love Than This Hath No Man, Than that he Lay Down His Life for his Friend”.

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The War Within

The world around is made to seem dark and foreboding.  Those that would be our eternal lords and masters’ desire one emotion from us – fear.  In the coming storm we can control only one thing – our own minds
We cannot remake others in our own image.  We must look at the ties that hold us together and not the perceived differences that keep us apart.  Only ties made of love will hold true.

To steal a quote from Bobby Sands;
“They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of anyone who doesn’t want to be broken.”

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Action Call

As those of you that have been unlucky enough to hear from me recently can attest my mood is a little dark.  The reality of long planned schemes and their impending completion makes for sobering reflection – or cause for over consumption.  To those who know what I mean mea cupla.

Today I read a poignant and moving letter.  On Wednesday 15th June Thomas Ball walked up to a local County Court House in New Hampshire.  He doused himself with petrol and then set himself alight and burned to death.

You can read what the local presstitutes printed at the time here complete with the usual paid for ‘expert’ opinion.  The following day a 15 page letter arrived at the same local rag and they printed it.  This was the last statement from Mr Ball and I recommend reading it.

His was not an act based on despair.  It was an act of defiance.  His words are a call to action.  He makes a calm and rational statement rejecting the existing order and chose to act upon it in a calm and deliberate manner.

That for me is a watershed.  When the intelligent middle class in a society have reached this stage then life changing events are sure to follow.  I hope that any transition will be peaceful.  I also highly doubt it considering the inhuman ghouls that must be removed.

The people in the formerly prosperous ‘West’ are now in a similar plight.  They have been trapped in the lure of easy credit – that really should mean easy debt.  We have spend a generation using that debt to buy crap from Asia.  Crap made from the blood, sweat and tears of the people of Asia.  Well folks the bill is past due.

The owners of that debt have let their greed run rampant.  They even bankrupted themselves and the treasonous cowards (or politicians if you prefer) in our demonocracies sold us into destitution and poverty to keep them in the luxury they expect.

We might see the early signs of what is to come.  When the reality of no money and no future really bites it will be too late.  Unlike the people in Iceland we had no chance to avoid this.  Most were too busy watching talentless ‘reality’ shows and celebrity titillation on the idiot box.

We must follow the example of Greece, Spain and hopefully soon Ireland or the game is over.  We had our chance to do this quietly and that time has now passed.  Moaning about it online is not going to make a single difference.

Those of us that spoke up are already known.  The time for education has passed.  Our time has come and we must spread that knowledge in the days ahead.  A great slaughter is coming.  As the moment of greatest peril for the banksters approaches they will pull a great bait and switch on us.

The War Mongers are now working up a lather trying to finally bomb Syria.  This was the aim of the Arab Spring.  All those countries that Dubya and the neocons didn’t get to bomb are back on the banquet of blood again.

This time the other global actors (and I do mean actors) will not sit idly by.  We must not let the vampires march off our young to the next global slaughter.  The path to peace will not be peaceful but it is a road that we must travel.

Thomas Ball RIP

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Zoom Out and Pan Around – Part 2

When I left the first instalment of this brain dump we had Libya in uproar. Progress has been made since and it is now in radioactive, depleted uranium, flames. What a surprise to see the usual suspects murdering civilians but at least the French are now openly showing their colours.

We’ve had couple of months of the deliberately provoked events. We hear of the strategic expansion of NATO into the Mediterranean. We hear also about oil supply and the manipulation of prices.

I feel we are the audience in a conjurer’s tent. We are all watching the hand that’s in motion. We are watching the main performance but the quiet hand recently let slip a ‘tell’. The misdirection almost failed – nearly but not quite.

In all the life and death battles going on in North Africa what are we to make of this story. It seems that the ‘rebels’ are now able to sell tankers full of oil to pay for their sedition and have setup a new central bank to do so. How industrious of them. Did they get help?

On a side note I’m sick of the term rebels. In my mind it is similar to the use of the term settlers when used by the vampires of Israhell. Giving them a nice fluffy romanticised name does not hide their actions. The proper terms are invaders, reactionaries and murderers.

The Libyan war was started by unemployed people smugglers after the Libyans and Italians cooperated to reduce illegal immigration into Europe. Bored, unhappy and armed criminals started it off in the Benghazi area. The sudden influx of spooks and other undesirables (reporters) really got it going.

Back to the main point. Do you remember the list of countries without Rothschild controlled central banks? In 2001 they were Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Libya. The first 2 we know well what their fate was. Sudan succumbed recently to a decade of foreign inspired civil war and has been partitioned.

That left Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Libya – until now. Gaddafi is known to be a wily old bird. He is the last of the Arab nationalists still in power. We hear that Israhell is assisting his forces by hiring mercenaries. I have yet to have that conclusively confirmed.

How like the Rothschilds to start and then fund both sides of a war. If Gadaffi survives he will need to borrow funds to rebuild. If the reactionary quisling forces survive they will be run from a central bank. It doesn’t matter if both survive as the arms companies will make fortunes supplying the hardware. Win, bloody win for the dark side once again.

We are now only 3 survivors – Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The hostile forces of the US and its client states are parked off-shore of each one. Remember that the US Navy re-established the Fourth Fleet to coerce countries in the Caribbean and Latin America back in 2008.

Just as AFRICOM was established in 2007 they can’t have Kissinger’s “dumb animals” sitting around bored getting sun tans. The muscle is in place and all that is needed are the trumped up reasons to get the party started.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild once stated;
“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

The first American central bank’s charter ran out in 1811. When the charter was not renewed the puppet British started the war of 1812 to make sure the American’s got the message. Thousands died but In 1816 Rothschild got their central bank.

Only the male heirs of their serpent’s bloodline can hold direct power and they are the ones we know about. Keep in mind that they have had many daughters. The public figures we have placed in front of us as our representatives are no such thing. Check out how many US presidents have been related to one another and to European aristocratic bloodlines.

The main bases of the ‘red shield’ were Frankfurt, Paris and London. They also had Austria and Italy. Paris and London we are familiar with. Frankfurt is the home these days of the European Central Bank. The US has been in safe hands since 1913 thanks to the (un) Federal (no) Reserve Bank.

The American economy is now just printing funny money to cover its war debts – all links to reality have been severed. The European economies are also rapidly swirling down the plug-hole of exponentially increasing debt. Only one thing can save them and that is a nice juicy global slaughter.

When all countries are in their hands the nominally diverse central banks can be unified finally under a new single and global currency. The destruction caused in the coming wars will generate the demand for the remaining survivors to rebuild again under a single master.

This is the primary war plan for our future. They have a religious angle too but I’ll get to that in the next instalment. This has been planned for centuries and is almost in the terminal (in all senses) phase.

This trick has worked twice already. The older order gets remodelled and at each turn under the plastic surgeons knife they think the results suit them better. With each attempt the outcome became more unnatural. That is their undoing. They are not human and more know it with every passing day.

In all the global strategic posturing between the US, China, Russia and the jaded Europeans remember one thing. They all have privately owned central banks – every single one of them. The dogs of war may jostle to see which one gets the lion’s share of the spoils but they all get stroked by the same hand.

If we let them draft our youth into their blood sacrifice we will not get another chance. It’s time we paid attention and learn to bite that hand. If the hand gets gangrene and dies off so much the better for all ours souls.

PS – Here’s a postscript from the Unemployed Kingdom. Due to the giving all our tax revenue to the banks recently (AKA bail outs) the Royal Navy has been stripped of its Naval Air Power and all of the harriers retired early. Here’s the last official flyby by the soon unemployed pilots.

I think they get it

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Zoom Out and Pan Around – Part 1

The Big Picture

I feel sometimes we need to step back form the daily barrage of articles and headlines to see if we can get a look at the bigger picture unfolding. I am aware that there are a number of major pieces at play publically. While they are treated separately I feel that are merely individual chords in a diabolical harmony.

I have decided to follow the example of James and break these areas into multiple posts as I made a complete hash of rolling them into one. It stank.. really!

Middle East and the Arc of Crisis

Source David Dees via Rense

We are all aware of the current events in North Africa and the Middle East. There has been some great writing on these events from more astute observers than I – James, A.P., Penny, Aangirfan and now A13.

Discord, distrust, destabilisation and death are the order of the day. We need to develop some special 4-D specs to see the threads of this plot. What will happen in Libya? What is the planned outcome? Gaddafi’s days in power seem to be numbered but who knows?

The British spooks have wanted him gone for a very long time. They were happy to murder a British Policewoman (PC Yvonne Fletcher) back in ’84 to start a plot to oust him. They framed him for the La Belle bombing in ’86 as a pretext for Ronnie to kill him using the US Air Force – via British air bases. Dropping multiple 1000 lb bombs on his tent is a little excessive. Murdering his young niece certainly brought home the message.

They framed him for the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing also in ’86. The press squealed like the pigs they are when Al-Megrahi was released on humanitarian grounds due to ill health. The fact that his appeal court case was due to be heard was completely ignored. That would have publically aired lots of dirty laundry for the US as well as the British. All of it is now safely down the memory hole.

David Shayler (shylock?) blew the whistle on an MI6 plot in the later 90’s where they paid ‘Islamic Extremists who have connections to Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network’ to try to kill him. Call me gullible but I see a thread there.

I have always had a soft spot for the old dictator ever since he sent a few boat loads of arms to my fellow countrymen back in the day – 400 tonnes worth of payback. My guess is that he will get the Ceaucescu treatment – the sooner the better. That won’t be any use to the hundreds or thousands of dead Libyans. Either way their deaths will still further the agenda of the puppeteers.

When the ‘War of Terror’ (deliberate spelling) was started by the neo-cons Gadaffi saw what way the wind was blowing and made nice with the Globalist gangsters. Blair came along and greased the wheels. The rest of Rothschild’s paid lackeys could not accept his money quickly enough. A little embarrassment all round on that one at the moment.

I see that Perfidious Albion has sent in their spec -ops SAS to Libya – on humanitarian concerns. That’ll be nostalgic for them. They developed out of the Desert Rats of WWII fame. Similarly the US warships sailing around the Gulf of Sidre threaten a replay of ♫..From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli ♫ for the Marines. Watch out Mexico.

Currently there are no reliable (non MSM) sources of information. If I make the mistake of catching the MSM coverage here it’s swarming with think-tank types and eager beaver NGO paid ‘youths’. Many of them have excellent english accents. The many reporters on the scene can fill in any of the juicy details (ie make it up) for the viewers back home.

The talk now is of a ‘project for a new Arab century’ from the ol’ Jazz network. It talks of ‘the birth pangs of a new Middle East are being felt ‘ – smell familiar? Every opportunity is also taken to have a pop at Iran in the vain hope they can rekindle the failed colour revolution from last year.

I read this morning that US, British and French ‘defence advisors’ are now in place in Libya. Even the Indian navy is in on the act. I bet you didn’t know they could project naval power. The prospect of Indian involvement widens the scope all the way to Pakistan.

Libya is lost. All the players are now there to incite and promote civil war while NATO forces guard the oil installations. Egypt and Bahrain are also crucial to US naval power projection. The oil producers are nervously trying to bribe off their restless populations.

All of this is happening in a vast strategic region vital for oil production, global shipping and power projection. From Morocco on the Atlantic Coast to Pakistan on the Arabian Sea we see turmoil and unrest that reaches right to the borders of China.

Pakistan has been the target for balkanisation for many years now. Every attempt at civilian rule since independence has been overturned by the Generals. Musharraf was the West’s favourite puppet until recently. The current civilian government has lurched from one crisis to another.

I listened to an excellent interview recently from Zaid Hamid over at Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth. He makes for an excellent analysis of events there and across the region. They are definitely in the cross hairs. What raises the stakes is that Pakistan is the only Islamic Nuclear Power. I have heard rumours that they have sold some to the Saudi’s. They are another story completely.

The Saudi regime has a brutal and dark history. They are not what they seem. They have been the origin and prime promoter of the extremist Wahabbi sect of Islamic teaching. Their power has been increased and consolidated over the last 100 years –guided by first the British and then by the US.

Their oil money has paid for the spread of their madrassas throughout the entire Muslim ummah. All of the fake al-CIA-da bogey men that the zionistas have paraded as examples of ‘islamofascism’ stem from them.

They are regularly guilty of horrific behaviour without a single word raised in the poisoned press. The same crimes if committed by Iran or similar regimes would be howled from the roof tops and paraded daily on our screens.

Most commentary out on the web discusses these events as the work of the US neo-cons and the Zionists. Without a doubt they are but who is pulling their strings. Think of the US as the rook on the chessboard. They can blunder straight ahead or stumble sideways. The Israhelli’s are the bishop and never approach face on – preferring to slip in indirectly. What about the bloodlines – the King and Queen?

I am reminded of Albert Pike’s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini dated 1871;
“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other”.

A parallel line of thought is in the teachings of Islam. They foretell the coming of a false or fake Mahdi. The Wahabbi’s are certainly prime candidates for me to fill this role. The US has millions of ‘Christian Zionists’ (sic) praying feverishly with their Schofield Bibles awaiting their end-time ‘rapture’. All of the misguided lambs have been expertly led to the slaughter.

I feel that we are making the mistake of focusing on the tactical environment and not watching for strategic planning. We are witnessing the beginning of the globalist’s end game. The bonfire has been building for decades. The Israhelli’s are merrily sitting in the middle of the kindling and handing out matches to all and sundry. Which regime will be the spark, the last domino to start this next, terrible war?

“Who could have believed in the dawning decades of the 21st century that human affairs were being keenly watched and guided by intelligences greater than man’s?

Intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic regarded our Earth with envious eyes, slowly and surely drawing their plans against us.

Few voices were ever raised in warning as, with infinite complacency, men went to and fro over this globe, busy about their affairs……”

A lot has already been written about HG Wells’ famous War of the Worlds. Personally I intend to be the microbe that gives these ‘intellects’ amoebic dysentery.




I thought I was gloomy. Here’s what George Ure posted today with reference to coming events and Nostradamus. Scroll down past the time displacement discussion.

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Lies, More Lies and Video Feeds

Most of the passers by to my wee blog will know the meat of what I am about to write. I came across this video in my wandering around the web. I feel it needs repeating in light of the events going on in the world.

Apart from the shameless plug at the end the most rewarding section was the examination of a short ‘news’ piece from Sky News. This is a channel owned by the infamous Rupert Murdock. The ‘reporter’ told 6 blatant lies in a very short space of time.

This is very important to remember. Every single time we are exposed to the MSM we are being lied to. The same thing happens on all news channels including the current favourite, Al-Jazeera. See my previous post for more on that.

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Always Watch The Watchers

Here’s a treat for the regulars – two posts in two days day. Just after re-posting Noor’s article earlier I came across a video on Northern Truth Seeker’s site.

I have watched Sheikh Imran Hosein speaking before and have been impressed with his clear sight and intelligence. The video was made back in 2003 and is very prescient in light of current events and Noor’s article.

While it is not conclusive it reinforces a suspicion that I have had for some time – since before the slaughter of Israhell’s Cast Lead in Gaza. I have always considered them just another member of the MSM.

Maybe I’m reaching at straws but I also remember reading this article at Twelfth Bough especially McJ’s contributions in the main article and his comment from Feb 6th: 11:32 AM

Maybe my monkey mind is grasping at straws but I had both of those articles in mind when I watched the video. It makes for very uncomfortable thinking at a time of increased US deployments in the area.

The US has considerable naval forces now at hand as well as National Guard and now Marine forces deploying. In total the US has 6 carriers at sea globally as well as 3 Amphibious Warfare Ships (source).

In all this I am conscious of the real human souls that are risking all in a poignant, perilous yet joyous search for freedom. Lwtc247 has posted this and this. It reminds us all of the flesh and blood humanity struggling for that elusive dream – freedom. I will keep them in my thoughts.


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A Frightening Strategy for Israel

Noor has asked to help bring this article to a wider audience. I agree wholeheartedly as it clarifies the bigger picture of the events we are witnessing unfold in the Middle East. Please feel free to repost and give credit to tireless Noor. Thanks again to her for all her hard work.


A Frightening Strategy for Israel

This article full of important information is a “must read” for anyone wanting to understand Israel’s intentions in the Middle East. In fact, people in the upper echelons of Israel are not pleased about its being translated and being made public knowledge. You will see why. Please also read my previous post EGYPT WHAT A MESS. There is also a video there outlining in greater detail what you are about to read. I believe this information should go viral because it will open many eyes. I also provide links to the references mentioned in this writing.

By Linda S. Heard
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Originally posted: Nov 30, 2005
Reposted: February 3, 2011

The other day I was handed the translation of a paper written by Israeli journalist Oded Yinon as far back as 1982. Ah! Old news, I thought. I’ll get around to browsing through it one of these days. When later, the person who proffered the document, asked me about my conclusions, I grabbed my spectacles and sat down for what I thought would be a dull read. How wrong I was!

Yinon, who was attached to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, published his paper, titled “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s,” in Kivunim (Directions) a “journal for Judaism and Zionism,” and if the Association of Arab-American University graduates hadn’t widely distributed the article, it might have disappeared down the memory hole.

Unfortunately, as the document is 11 pages long, I can only give you the gist but it can be found in its entirety on the Internet.

The basic premises of the plan are these: In order to survive Israel must become an imperial regional power and must also ensure the break-up of all Arab countries so that the region may be carved up into small ineffectual states unequipped to stand up to Israeli military might.

Yinon described the Arab-Muslim world as “a temporary house of cards put together by foreigners and arbitrarily divided into states, all made up of combinations of minorities and ethnic groups which are hostile to one another.”

He then goes on to predict that some of these states face ethnic social destruction from within “and in some a civil war is already raging.”

The writer goes on to bemoan Israel’s relinquishment of the Sinai to Egypt under the Camp David Peace Treaty due to that area’s “oil, gas and other natural resources.”

“Regaining the Sinai Peninsula is therefore a political priority which is obstructed by Camp David . . . , he writes . . .”and we will have to act in order to return the situation to the status quo which existed in Sinai prior to Sadat’s visit and the mistaken peace agreement signed with him in March 1979.”

Yinon then predicts that if Egypt is divided and torn apart some other Arab countries will cease to exist in their present form and a Christian Coptic state would be founded in Upper Egypt. (I always wondered why Egypt was referred to as ‘the prize’ in a 2002 Rand presentation to the Pentagon at the behest of chief neo-conservative and friend of Israel Richard Perle)

Now how about this?

“The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later on into ethnically or religiously unique areas such as in Lebanon is Israel’s primary target in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target,” he writes.

“Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets,” says Yinon. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel.”

“Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and Lebanon. In Iraq, three or more states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul.”

Remember that Yinon’s paper was penned in 1982.

But the writer also makes grave mistakes of judgment. For instance, he felt certain that both Jordan and Egypt would revert to Nasser-style Pan-Arab philosophies and break their treaties with Israel, which was what Yinon hoped they would do. But it didn’t happen.

Yinon further predicted “there is no chance that Jordan will continue to exist in its present structure for a long time and Israel’s policy both in war and in peace, ought to be directed at the liquidation of Jordan.”

This was because Yinon wanted to see the transfer of Palestinian Arabs from the West Bank into Jordan. “It is not possible to go on living in this country in the present situation without separating the two nations, the Arabs to Jordan and the Jews to the areas west of the river,” he says.

Was Yinon’s paper the precursor of the 1996 “Clean Break: A new strategy for securing the realm” document authored by current and former Bush administration leading lights, such as Richard Perle, Douglas Feith as well as David and Meyrav Wurmser on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu?

“Clean Break” advised the Israeli government to “publicly question Syria’s legitimacy,” contain Syria and strike selected targets, and “reject” the land for peace concept related to the Golan Heights.

It was also proposed that Syria should be isolated and surrounded by a friendly regime in Iraq, while Arab states should be challenged as “police states” lacking legitimacy. Isn’t this exactly what is happening today as part of Bush’s democratization policy?

Richard Perle — who journalist and film-maker John Pilger describes as one of George W. Bush’s thinkers — later pops up again in the 2000 Project for the New American Century document, which lays out the neocon vision for US domination of the land, seas, skies and space.

Pilger writes in December 2002: “I interviewed Perle when he was advising Reagan; and when he spoke about ‘total war’, I mistakenly dismissed him as mad. He recently used the term again in describing America’s ‘war on terror’. ‘No stages,’ he said. ‘This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there.

“‘All this talk we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq . . . this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war . . . our children will sing great songs about us years from now’.”

Those children that survive, maybe, but I’ll bet that Perle and gang are far more likely to go down in the annals of history alongside mankind’s most brutal, ruthless and self-serving.
Linda S. Heard is a British specialist writer on Middle East affairs. She welcomes feedback and can be contacted by email at

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Pour Encourager Les Autres

“Pour Encourager Les Autres” – to encourage the others or set an example

Source for image
(Warning – contains graphic content)

There are many, many things to say about the events in Egypt.  I am in no doubt that the spark for the revolt of the Egyptian people was deliberate and external.  Aangirfan and Twelfth Bough have been outstanding in their analysis of current events that ‘started’ in Tunisia.

Already hundreds of Egyptians are dead and many more injured.  It is a testament to the bravery and determination of the protesters that they have not been intimidated off the streets.  Their fate is literally now in their own hands.  Therein lies the key to their future.  What will they do with it?

It remains to be seen if they will follow the usual fate and be lulled back into waiting arms of quiet servitude.  ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ has been the fate of all such recent uprisings.  Chaos and disorder have been deliberately provoked from outside the country.  We shall see how the ‘new order’ will be re-imposed.

It will make no fundamental difference to the arsonists that started this whether El-Baradi, The Muslim Brotherhood or some friendly General takes power – friendly to the Zionists that is.  They are all known quantities and will change nothing fundamentally.

I take heart from the chatter here on the web that all is not well with the master plan.  The Muslim Brotherhood has had little overt influence over the crowds.  The pseudo-gang thugs have not forced the desired reaction from the masses.  El-Baradi is being touted as a leader of the crowds in the imagination of the media only.

I feel that the moment of greatest danger will come when the puppet goes.  All else to date is merely passionate theatre and the leverage needed to bring about that outcome.  Then we shall see what slithers from the shadows to accept the grateful appreciation of the money masters.

If the protestors return to their homes all that will have been accomplished is a letting off of stream.  The elites will have their wish and the next stage in their plans will progress.  The protests must continue and hold that newcomer to the agenda of the people.

Here we are treated to 24-7 coverage and breathless interviews ‘live’ from the scene of the drama.  As others have asked – why?  These events have been provoked for a wider purpose and we are about to be shown a pre-determined outcome.  An example is being made and we are encouraged to watch to ‘learn our lesson’.

There are lessons being learned and they aren’t the ones intended.  The people on the streets have remained peaceful and have resorted to self defence only.  The tactic is one of open non-cooperation.  Occupying the streets and key locations – and staying there – disrupts the normal operation of the state.

The technically literate circumvented the Internet blackout.  The blackout has since been lifted demonstrating the success of those efforts.  The secret squirrels can’t monitor the chat when it goes off their official networks.  Many across the web have taken note and many ideas and preparations are being discussed if that gets implemented elsewhere.

Take note of these things as they will prove useful.  A protest march solves nothing.  In many battles it is the taking and occupying of strategic ground that determines the outcome.  Planning for alternative internet connections might be advisable such as buying an old style dial-up modem.

I will watch and pray for the people of Egypt.  Despair or hope awaits and the divide between the 2 will affect all.  I expect a sucker punch may arrive from off-stage if events are not turning out as planned.  With Israhell as a neighbour treachery should be anticipated.

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Keep An Eye On The Weather

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Forgive me as it has been 3 weeks since my last confession. This is my fourth attempt to write about the maelstrom between my ears. I hope this one doesn’t peter out before the end as the others did.

Sometimes the inner voice goes silent. Sometimes we need to think and assimilate. Those of us who have tried to awaken from this living nightmare know that the carousel of carnage is spinning faster and faster. I feel the need to find the centre. If we miss the real target this time the party is over – finis.

Round and round we go, where we stop, do we really know? I read the headlines, the unnatural deaths in nature, the many Earthquakes, rivers changing colour and of course floods. I’m not providing links because the wanderers through this garden are more literate than I. Biblical comes to mind, don’t you think?

I have been paying attention to the crap they want us watch – the latest and brightest colour revolution in Islamistan – AKA Tunisia – from the spawn scions of Skull and Bones. Who could forget the wounded CONgress critter with the dead Feral Judge and other, lesser folk? Why are they focusing on the one survivor? Where is the exit wound? Who really cares?

The construct we have in our minds of who ‘we’ are and where we come from is false. We build the construct of our lives and make that real in our minds. We have been sold the most monstrous lie. None of our ideas of history – near and ancient – are true. Whoever controls the past controls the present.

Modern Archaeology has explored records of only the last, maybe, 5000 years. That’s when a seemingly happy, nomadic species suddenly thought it a great idea to develop agriculture, cities, social status, kings, priests, slavery and commerce. I would have loved to hear that speech!

This all happened in the same location of the planet that has since spawned 3 monotheistic religions -the Middle East. See a link there? Also note – there was a brief attempt in Egypt to adopt monotheism but thankfully the natives stamped it out pronto.

To borrow a Soviet era Russian joke, there’s no news in the truth and no truth in the news. The medical profession is a corporate front – murder for profit. Organised religions are the front for organised crime – the originators of though crime. Be a good serf and nirvana awaits the meek, rebel and you’re hell bound. It’s getting hard to see what the difference might be.

An ancient Evil exists in parallel with us on this planet. We look at the Rothschilds and the Warburgs and the Rockefellers etc and we think we see the enemy. Nope – not even close. They are merely the latest servants of their masters – marionettes and front men.

Did you ever wonder how 43 of the US presidents had links to European royal bloodlines – the Black Nobility? Why are there 3 ‘city states’ on the planet – the Vatican, the Venetian City of London and Washington DC? All of which venerate prominent Egyptian Obelisks and all have full diplomatic immunity. There’s a timeline there and it’s not difficult to spot

Bloodlines and power – that’s the theme as far back as we can see. The man known as the Christ came to us to show a better way. His words and deeds were rapidly usurped and twisted. Constantine seized on an opportunity to expand and rejuvenate a crumbling Empire. The teachings of Christ were systematically eradicated or rewritten. How can we ever calculate our collective loss?

The Roman Church has been the darkest influence on the planet for 2 millennia. From their ranks they have spawned inquisitions, genocide of millions, the decimation of womanhood’s influence, the burning at the stake of ‘heretics’ – to name but a few of their crimes. All the while they preyed (pun intended) on the inner light of millions as cover for their deeds.

They assure us that ‘all that is in the past’. Tell that to the murdered and crushed generations of children that have come to light. The Vatican bank is now receiving some scrutiny. Banking and Temporal Power intertwined like the twin serpents of the Cadeus. They held the rains of power and what good came of it. The power has moved on and has reverted to an older and more reliable host – the Pharisees.

They really know how to keep their tribe in line and on message. They have risen, phoenix like, from the shadow of Rome’s Palatine Hill to seemingly unassailable power – seemingly. They are flexing their muscle and are slowly peeling away the necrotic layers of the ancien regime for our voyeuristic pleasure.

Their purpose – to replace it with a new regime, a new order. It will not happen. Their time is short and rapidly running out – and they know it. The poet Shelley wrote that freedom comes to man when “the last monarch is strangled with the guts of the last priest”. Succinct don’t you think?

We don’t need a parasitic class to mediate between us and our creator. The inner light needs no interpreter. A child that grows in love, attention and stability shines like a beacon. When we think of the group before ourselves we bind each other together and are stronger for it. Angels watch over us – we just don’t stop long enough to hear the message.

There’s a storm coming and we all can feel it. Even the most somnambulant among us are starting to ‘twitch’. It’s not a weather storm (although we shall see lots of that), rather it’s a storm of ideas and strange portents. It’s time to strip off the matrix and view life through our own eyes. Bugger it, you might even enjoy it.

Maybe it’s best to switch off all external influences and simply enjoy getting to know one another again. It’s highly unlikely otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Life is better when we stop and smell the roses. We are all going to get our chance and soon. Maybe that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Our lives are going to change. The pace of the war on our minds will accelerate and is doing so as I type this. We really need to get our houses in order – real and spiritual. I am no role model and I certainly can offer no advice. I do know that we have been deliberately made to see the world as a dark place when it is truly the opposite.

Trust your inner voice and avoid the ‘wisdom of crowds’. God bless.

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